Monday, October 09, 2006

Work: Jaspora Comments Module Upgrade

This week I start upgrading the comments module in Jaspora. This is no simple upgrade - I am also setting a precedence for future development on Jaspora. In this effort, the plan is to satisfy all user requirements, upgrade the code to the 1.x code path, dress up the module (presentation), and have all required documentation for the module and how it interacts with the rest of Jaspora.
Documentation is especially important because to this day, Jaspora is not documented. It'd be a nightmare for my successor - even the source code itself is largely not well documented. For an experienced software developer, this is a shame. I have my reasons, of course, but it's time I started doing things right.
First things first = creating a software requirements specification. I'm all over the web today looking at samples and learning how to write one for a real application. I took a Software Engineering class last semester and if I had been paying attention, I wouldn't need to waste time relearning how this is done.

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