Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dating: How I Met My Dance Partner

This is how I spent today. Little Katie finally had her way. See, her mom left a mismatched pair of shoes for her when she dropped her off, and to get her to do anything or go anywhere this morning, it came down to a deal to do the 'mismatched shoes' thing.
Potentially embarrassing for a professional like myself, but it became a source of good humor. Mostly girls noticed the oddity and said something; guys just didn't care. But most interestingly, this is how I met my next dance date! How odd ... a very unscripted way to meet girls (idea!!).
Lots of lessons in this one - little Katie doesn't have to suffer her mother's mistake all alone. Her biggest fear was what other kids would think at daycare. Last I heard, no incidents.
Lucky for me, I can dance again [though I'm not sure whether I'll go at all - good to make preparations though].

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