Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Entertainment: "Scrubs" (Season 1)

Just got done watching season one, and this show is hilarious. Ever thought of something and seen it with your mind's eye, and wished it could just happen? "Scrubs" makes it happen. Visual imagination, wicked comedy and hints at real issues are what make this show happen for me. Of course I'm a sucker for medical TV shows, but this one is really funny. In the end, you don't even remember the medical topics they covered. It all looks authentic though.
Male Character = Dr. Turk (Donald Faison)
Female Character = Dr. Elliot (Sarah Chalke)
Episode = One where they do a "West Side Story" musical piece - doctors vs. surgeons.
Moment = Final season scene that summarizes the whole season in 40 seconds.
Sizzle = Turk/Carla relationship.
Fresh Face = Jordan (Christa Miller Lawrence).
I'm certainly going to watch other seasons later. They are currently in Season #5. Beware the spoilers on the Wikipedia. This is one of the ways I de-stress ...

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