Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Honorable Mention

There're very few days I find enjoyable and dreadful at the same time, and today was one of them. The highlights:
  1. The brainwashcafe blog recognizes my blog as one of the smartest. (#2 on their Editor's Top 10 Brainy Picks). Totally made my day. Their blog is a sort of 'blog police' with a diversity of topics and very entertaining. [Enjoyable].
  2. My patent has been accepted for review, which means I start getting monetary benefits of having an idea. Whether it gets ultimately approved or not by the US Patent Office remains to be seen. Because it is a matter of company confidence, it shall not be discussed here. Problem is ... this becomes the paperwork phase and we start the typical waiting period of 3 years before approval. [Enjoyable].
  3. I have 4 exams in the next 3 days! Physics, calculus, philosophy, and assembly language. 3-hour nights and a permanent membership at my favorite study spot (a coffee shop included) ensue. Then a zombie life ... and a full day of sleep on Sunday. If I miss any other appointments, excuse me. [Dreadful].
  4. Soggy brain syndrome - my term for attempting to study so much in so short a period and ending up with so little for so much time spent studying. Apart from school work, I do a lot of technology related studies and research for work. Retension begins to become a problem at this rate. Or maybe I'm growing too old for new stuff. [Dreadful]
  5. Friends - yay! All you friends that call me and cheer me up. Of all days, I received mail from two long-lost friends from high school. They say good news from afar is like a breathe of fresh air. [Enjoyable].

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