Thursday, October 06, 2011

Recipe#9: Setup Repository On VisualSVN

Overview: At the start of a software project, you need somewhere to store and version your source code, from where it can also be shared with others on your team. I use VisualSVN Server as my SCM server.
Use case: I am starting the redesign of my financial webapp (Geldzin) and need a new source repository for the project where I will check in source files and other resources, and launch builds + automated tests from.
* Open VisualSVN Server. Right-click: Repositories > Create New Repository.
* Provide name {geldzin2} and check "create default structure". [OK].
* If you don't already have users configured, use the "Users" node to create a few.
* If you don't already have user groups configured, use the "Groups" node to create some. Add users to groups so that permissions be set on group rather than individual users.
* Setup security for the repository. Right-click newly created repository, select Properties | Security tab. Set Everyone -> No Access. [Add]. Select group or user [OK]. Give this group Read/Write permissions. [OK].

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