Friday, January 05, 2007

To Catch a Scammer: Roommate Scam - Part III

Continued from Part II ...

Sent: Tuesday, December 19, 2006 10:21:55 AM
Hi [Me],
Thanks for the mail.I'm so glad to hear from you.However, i'll be out to get a shipper who will be moving my properties in before my moving in date.In the mean time, i'll be needing your full name,mailing address and your phone number so as to prepare the payment as my client will be sending a cheque of payment (about $4500 being money due to me) from which i'll like you to deduct the fee for my room and help me keep the balance with you as i'll be needing some money to pay the shipper that will move my things down. I will keep you posted of when you are likely to receive the payment.Hope to hear from you soon. Have a nice time and i also hope i am going to have a lovely stay with you over there.

The picture in this post is supposedly a picture of the potential roommate. Hott, I must say, but flags continue to arise:
  1. The picture arrives as a hyperlink to The site is an [adult] modeling site and the actual owner of the picture on the site is a 'Jessica'. While we can't verify all this, it's a huge departure from the persona presented in the previous email.
  2. The questions I've asked in previous emails have not been answered.
  3. The potential renter completely ignores my suggested plan of action, expressing interest particularly in payment proceedings. She does not seem to take my other clues as well ...
  4. The sponsor who was supposed to come see my place is now termed 'client', and he/she will be sending the money. It's beginning to look like no one will actually come to see the apartment.
  5. Notice the huge amount of money ($4500), way more than what is needed. This is the hook!
In response, I provide my real address and a general purpose Skype phone number I set up. I mention that $4500 is a huge amount of money, but that I can hold it for her and write her a check once she's moved in. I remind her that the place has not been cleaned yet, but that I expect it to be done in the next few days so that her sponsors will come check it out.

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