Sunday, November 13, 2011

Geldzin2: Debts

In version 1.5 (build #39), I add the ability to begin tracking debts. Only basic information about loans and credit cards (how much is owed, when the next payment is due and for how much) is tracked, needed to devise a debt payment strategy (coming in a later version). On this page, you can also see how many payments are left if you were to pay minimums only.

When making a budget, you also need to account for minimum debt payments per month. If there are debts to pay, Geldzin will show debts in categories/budget under a special category highlighting payments that will need to be done throughout the year, as shown in the screenshot below. This gives you a better picture of what your expense budget should be.

You can preview this feature at (login as guest with password geldzin, select menu Navigate > Credit Cards & Loans). Note that the guest/demo account is reset each night, so any changes you make will be lost overnight). This application is still in beta.

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