Monday, November 21, 2011

Geldzin2: Charity & Giving

In version 1.6 (build#56), I introduce the concept of charitable giving as part of the financial lifestyle. This is the first unique feature in my app that no other personal financial management system has. The idea is simple: you ought to give away a portion of your earnings to charitable causes and helping others; it will make you happier! There is all manner of research and experience that support the connection between happiness and generosity. You are never truly wealthy until you can give away some of your treasures.

In Geldzin, you provide a percentage that will be earmarked for charitable giving during income distribution (called the charity rate). You also provide the name of the category with which charitable giving can be tracked in your transactions.

Apart from the happiness you might derive from generosity, the category is there to help you track charitable giving for tax purposes as well. The charity category is not included in the budget, as the practice is to deduct charity money and applying the rest to budget priorities. This enables people to consider charity and giving no matter what their income is, and to always be generous as long as there is an income.

Check out the feature at and login with username "guest" and password "geldzin". Select menu {Guest > Profile}, access the "Charity" tab.

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