Sunday, January 06, 2008

Alternative PDF Reader

If you are growing tired of Adobe Acrobat's bulky reader, there's hope in Foxit Software's free PDF reader. This app is fast, renders stuff much better, and is not a resource hog as Acrobat is. I had come across it 3 years ago, but at the time, I still has Acrobat 5, which was moderately good. Then came 6.x and 7.x and the angst grew, so I had been looking for an alternative to Acrobat Reader. The answer came in Foxit's extremely small application that does wonders! Consider this: Acrobat uses about 80MB working with a 9MB PDF file, takes forever to install and get started, causes Firefox to hang while closing, browses documents sluggishly, does a bad job rendering "weird" pages, and has a habit of calling home for updates; Foxit uses only 18MB for the same document, displays/renders fonts and images much crisper, and is a breeze to start and install. In fact, it is the fastest install I have ever seen! The installer itself is small - 2.5MB. I'm impressed by this program.
The guys at Adobe must be scratching their heads on this: how does a relatively unknown company do their idea better than them? Performance-wise, it's superior to Acrobat. I haven't used it long enough to know what other features and issues it has, but for my needs of reading (huge) PDF's, this is the clear choice.

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