Monday, December 17, 2007

Annoying NetBeans IDE Failure ...

I could be the only one experiencing this problem, but while working in NetBeans 6.0, it suddenly disappears on me without warning! It just unceremoniously closes down, almost like its process is suddenly terminated. It's not a JVM crash - that usually leaves traces I can find, but all instances of the JVM are well and running before and after the crash. That means I lose unsaved work and settings - NOT acceptable for a professional IDE! I'm really hoping it's just my environment because this wouldn't be a good testament to the IDE's stability. .
I've seen this issue 3 times in a 2 week span. There are no clues anywhere (not in logs, no popups, nothing ... no trace of what the cause could be), so it is hard to trace this issue to its root. I had seen this issue with beta versions (6.x), but I dismissed it because of the nature of beta software.
I'll keep an eye out for a pattern of failure and see if we can pin this to some issue somewhere. Whether it is on my end or in the IDE, it's not good news.

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Ken said...

Hi, thanks for the cool writeups on using NetBeans and the tutorials.

I was just wondering if you were able to track down what was causing the IDE crash. You could submit an issue if its reproducible.

If you havent already, you might want to think about being a contributer. There are details on the netbeans wiki