Thursday, March 15, 2007

Soccer Wednesdays

There's soccer every Wednesday night at 8:30pm for those that like kicking things around. It's indoor soccer (until May 16 when it'll be moved outside) and is being held at First Presbyterian Church's gym (3rd floor main building) downtown Colorado Springs.
The cost is $2/person whenever you show up to play, and teams are made based on whoever is available. Each team plays two consecutive matches, each match lasting 8 minutes. That way, with 4-6 teams usually available, everyone gets to play sooner.
Some teams have been playing together for a while, so don't get offended if you can't join their team. Most skill levels are welcome - though there are good ball handlers amongst people that show up. The players are a pretty diverse group - among them Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans, and Africans - plus Americans of course. Bottomline is that everyone seems to have a passion for the game.
Last night was my first night back to soccer after a long while. I got my ass whooped - so tired after the first 8-minute match I felt like my chest was burning and I couldn't breathe. You quickly adjust though. I played 5 matches and was too tired to continue, evidence that I'm too out out shape both physically and skillwise. The games here can be competitive, but no one keeps score. When your 8 minutes are over, you get out and another team hits the floor.
In the fall, there are plans to play in local leagues and this is a good place to brush up on those skills. There are several places around town offering indoor soccer and some leagues already setting up for outdoor soccer (at the USAFA for example). I'm avoiding those because you have to pay some membership fee and stick with your team only. For a start on the game, First-Pres is the place to go.

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