Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Developing a Simple EJB 3.0 Application: Introducing MyMovies

In an attempt to make life easy for myself, I've decided to develop a small web application that I'll use to manage my growing list of movies. Enter MyMovies, which will be allow adding movie information, updating, deleting, searching, and listing. In the initial release, movie information will include the title, the DVD media number where the actual movie is burned, its MPAA rating, genre, date it was added to my labrary, and a brief synopsis.
Beyond these simple details, the application is meant to demonstrate using the NetBeans 5.5 IDE to develop applications for the Sun Java System Application Server 9.0 update 1 and the MySQL 5.0 database application. All the steps will be posted here for those just getting started with EJB 3.0 and other exciting Java EE 5 technologies that I may choose to play with in this application. This is my way of brushing up and learning some of the new features in Java.
At the conclusion of this track, I should have a fully functional web application that:
(1) allows me to add movie information
(2) allows me to search and list the movies
(3) allows me to update or delete movie information
(4) uses a pure Java EE 5 solution based on EJB 3.0.
I'm turning out to be the free movie rental service for people on my block, so I figured this site might as well help me keep track of who's borrowed my movies. I could also extend it to a multiuser environment, where friends can recommend movies to each other freely or keep track of what they've watched or want to watch. Then what would be cool is to port it as a plug-in for other applications and link it to big movie databases out there somehow. I'd have learned a great deal by that time, I suppose.

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