Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Work: Patent Review Done, Now Filing

Totally a highlight of the day: my patent application review process is complete (Legal Department level) and a filing has been initiated! In the memo, all the important people now officially know, including my managers, the VPs, and HR. The first paycheck next month will include a monetary award, but also the paperwork and clarification process increase in volume.
It's been an interesting process so far, mainly teaching me the value of writing exactly what I mean/what is (technical details paramount), doing demos for whoever would ask, learning the ISO/IEEE processes of documentation, and basically growing professionally. Although I don't have a college degree [yet], a patent will indeed look good on my resume!
This patent is at the core of my Jaspora invention - a web-based workflow system used to gather (sometimes with automation), analyze, store/process, and report quality analysis/software test data. We've been using Jaspora at our company for a year now - total proof of concept.
This is excitement ...


Anonymous said...

congrats jubs. all the sleepless nites finally pay off, huh? come have dinner when u get the chance.

Carrie said...

Way to go, Jubz! That's awesome.